Qualified Inbound Transfer Lead Generation Call Centers

We help your phones “ring” with qualified live prospects interested now. B2B or Residential.

AVCI Digital has over 25 years of experience working with hundreds of call centers and helping call centers and companies become more efficient and grow revenues. By outsourcing Lead Generation, you eliminate internal duties to less expensive and highly efficient experienced call centers. We help you get more leads to your Pros and get high quality live leads transferred to your closers. We find you the right fit for your needs.



  • Turnkey – Campaign to data to dialer =
    Leads = Sales
  • Generate More Sales – Get inbound leads to close. Focus on sales 
  • Save Money by hiring our fronters (lead generation). Save 50-75% less cost than an employee you would have to hire.
    Hire us and save.
  • Eliminate Expensive High Turnover and Training and hire our experience and scale up or down fast.


  • No Set Up Fees – Low weekly commitments and low cost per hour for Live Agents or Avatar. Pay only for dial time. No Extra Fees. 
  • Weekly Commitments – No long-term commitments – WE PROVE IT weekly! 
  • Experienced Lead Generation Agents – 6 months experienced pros assisting you and your campaign with either live agents or
    Avatar (artificial voice).
  • Dedicated Team – You get our team of management plus agent plus professional script writers all dedicated to success. 
  • State of Art Dialer – Our manager runs dialer and strategizes campaign with you. 
  • Reporting – Realtime dialer access to all metrics, dialing efficiency, data penetration, conversions and recording our agents and yours! Plus – hourly reporting on lead transfers. 
  • Flexible – You interview and hire from our talent pool or we handle for you. All industries covered by experience. 
  • Confidential – All data is held strictly in confidential and secure. 
  • Control – You control and have access to management for training of agents and access to agent training too


  • U.S. Based Company in New York = 1,800 English speaking agents in Philippines.


  • AVCI Digital as 25-year consultant vested in your success = additional resource.


  • Proven track records with persuasive delivery pitch and handling objections.


  • Pro script and rebuttal writers – Let our pro’s assist you here.

  • All Agents have background and criminal checks.


  • Agents are committed with salary and benefits we provide.


  • Turnkey: We provide management and technical support. From data to dialer to qualified leads transferred to your closers.


  • Specialized Launch team – coordinates your campaign launch from A to Z.

Successful Projects we handle:

Live or Avatar lead transfer to closers (lead generation), Telecom, Energy, Insurance, Cash Advance, Debt Settlement, Mortgage, Merchant accounts, Home Security, Fund Raising, Charity, Political, Non Profit,
and much more.

Call to learn more:
(602) 284.2978