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Pay-per-click management
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Outsource clients’ Google Ads / pay-per-click advertising to experts

Reselling your clients’ pay-per-click (PPC) / Google Ads servicing to industry-certified pros can secure those clients quick leads and new revenues and clearly demonstrate a notable ROI. AVCI’s outsourcing partners manage millions of dollars of PPC budgets. From small to large PPC budgets, your customers can grow their business with award-winning white label Google Ads teams.

Benefits of Google Ads outsource partnerships

  • You and your clients get access to certified Google Ads / PPC specialists.
  • Dedicated account teams — one contact for all your and your clients’ needs.
  • Free support — your dedicated team is accessible for FREE proposals and strategy.
  • Flexible ad budgets and low ad budgets are okay. No matter your clients’ spend, low management fees = ROI for them and you.
  • Top-of-industry reporting — get reports your customers value and understand, and help them realize growth.
  • Highly targeted campaigns with no contracts or term commitments.
  • Other included services: A/B testing, lead tracking and more.
  • Real time reporting’s and metrics access for success.
SEO Guarantee badge by AVCI Digital. Improve Search rankings each month or your next month is free.

Why work with AVCI Digital?

AVCI Digital has over 12 years’ experience helping hundreds of agencies connect to premiere white-label outsource partners. After a FREE consultation that includes a full explanation of partners’ service offerings and discussion of their wholesale rates, AVCI introduces you to the best-fit firm. AVCI has a firm to suit your goals and needs. We spend the time and resources to vet only the best firms to outsource to and build relationships with. Save yourself time, headaches and mistakes. We have a vested interest in your success. See Strategic Partnerships for more info on how we work.

Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

All leads generated through our digital marketing services are tracked with our AVCI Lead Tracker. Our AVCI Lead Tracker allows you to:

Track lead source
Track lead location
Free call recording
A/B testing of different ads
Email alerts for every phone call or text message
Real-time metrics reporting
Erik Amato was exactly who I needed to partner with to increase my revenue with no overhead costs. The relationships he has developed in the digital marketing space have expedited my agency's growth and helped me accomplish my business goals year after year.
J Bousa
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