Strategic Partners to Drive More Sales

Diversify Your Revenues and Increase Profits.

With over two decades developing business partnerships, driving growth and developing successful operations and marketing strategies, AVCI can help your business thrive. We specialize in business matchmaking, putting the right buyers and sellers together, or other partnerships that mutually benefit each other. There are no costs to you if we are not successful, but the upward potential is significant.

Established Businesses

Partner up with businesses to add new revenue streams. Outsource to or for another company. Drive sales with third party sales partners and much more.

New Businesses

Find partners who can sell your products or have products for you to sell. Find marketing and business growth assistance. Maximize your tight budget.

When and Why?

Through our strategic partnerships, depth of experience and intuitive analysis, we can help most businesses in most situations. Buying, selling, streamlining.


With AVCI, we only get paid when you are successful. Success is our bottom line. We go to work, lining up strategic partners who can help you. For example, we may find partners who need your services or can help you sell your services in volume. Other partners may be able to provide value-added solutions for your own clients or offer services that you can resell to your customer base. Just a short chat about your company and its’ needs is all it will take to see if we can help overcome some of the challenges your company faces.

If you’re seeking strategic partnerships to help your business thrive, contact us today. Tell us a little about your company and the help that you are seeking, and we’ll be in contact soon.